Meet the Author

Welcome to the wacky world of WYN™ the Writer!  WYN™ is our lovable new character that inspires children to love to write their first name and begin the process of writing!

                       wyn-welcomeI would love to help your kid write their name for the first time?

Do you remember the the first word your child said?

Of course!

Well, now you will have a memento where you will know the first time they wrote their name.



WYN™ Books are designed to introduce children ages 2 and over to acquiring the skill to write their  name for the first time. This name writing system promotes the use of all skills to achieve effective learning. This system accelerates their learning by using the majority of their senses by Associated Letter Identification, Developing Pronunciation, and tracing and learning the Strokes.  

This preparation book can even be taken to school and be used over and over again.  A combination of vivid images of WYN™ the Writer character along with simple illustrations will stimulate young children to recognize letters of their name, but more importantly acquiring the Writing Your Name Skill.  Have them trace and then write each letter until they can accomplish it on their own.

Learning how to write the child’s name is the skill and memento that they will acquire in the WYN™ Book. After your child has mastered practicing writing letters of their name and you both feel they are ready, have your child write their name for the first time on the the certificate of achievement page in the WYN™ Book and they can record the date. The Writing Your Name book teaches kids to write their first name and the tear out page is ready to be saved as a memento.

WYN™ the Writer is the character who will come alive in the personalized children’s book. In this personalized children’s book the kids can learn from the WYN™ the Writer by learning each letter of their name and eventually learning how to write their name.  Each letter of their name coincides with different alphabet pictures that matches the letter of their name. Then, the child on each opposing page can place stickers on the background picture of the dry erase board to help the child become proficient in letter association.

Each 8″x10″ spiral-bound  book is special and specifically created for the the child’s first name.  This book is made and printed in the USA and created by Dr. Alfonso Di Carlo.  Books can also be ordered for child’s middle and last name, however, they will be in separate books.   

If necessary, any special message can be included in the package. Any name can be created and at any length! Please stay tuned for other languages and audio CD of WYN™ the Writer who can help inspire people of all cultures to write their name for the first time. The only one-of-a-kind book and personalized children’s book on the market today.  So introduce WYN™ the Writer to your child or any important relative or friend and order your WYN™ Book now!