About Us

Welcome to WYN™ ! Learn how to Write Your Name with Wyn™ The Writer. Our mission is to provide personalized children’s books and how to teach kids to write their name.  I have seen personalized books as great gifts, but no personalized books that included tracing letters and handwriting practice. The goal was to produce a personalized book that would teach young children how to write letters of their name.

The mission is to teach children to write their name and create engaging ways to share with the whole family. The goal of our book and name writing system is to use all skills to achieve effective learning. This system accelerates their learning because involves learning to write, developing pronunciation, associated letter identification, learning the strokes of tracing letters, and finally acquire the patented writing your name skill by teaching the child how to write his or her name for the first time.

Parents know the first time their kids uttered their 1st word, but their is no name writing system learning how to write their first name and capturing the date and saving as a memento forever.

We hope that you enjoy the book and a future personal relationship with WYN™ the Writer who not only will help with letter writing for kids but will help support the children learning to write their name for the 1st time!

 -Dr. Alfonso Di Carlo, author and founder of WYN™!