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Where Your Child Learns to Write His or Her Name For the First Time

Learn to Write Your Name

Associated Letter Identification: Speak and show all pictures that are related to the first letter of their name for each word.

Develop Pronunciation: Pronounce each letter using the phonetic spelling so they become familiar with each letter of their name.

Learn the Strokes: Have them trace each letter so they get used to the stroke for each letter.

Practice Writing Your Name

In this personalized children’s activity book the kids learn from WYN the Writer and they learn each letter of their name using all skills and they eventually learn to write their first name. Have them trace and then write each letter until they can accomplish it on their own.  Have them practice writing their name on their personal practice page and after they have mastered practicing writing their name and you both feel they are ready, have them write their name for the first time on the congratulations page and date it for successful completion. Then the tear out page is ready to be saved as a Memento forever!

This book inspires children to write over and over again and preparation book can even be taken to school.

Kids Have Fun With Stickers

Writing Your Name system is a fun way to teach your kids to write their name for the first time.  Each letter of their name coincides with different alphabet picture that matches the letter of their name. The child then on each opposing page of the letter of their name can place stickers on the page and become proficient in letter association.

Who is WYN?

Hello I am WYN™, I would love to help your kid write their name for the first time. Well, now you will have a memento where you will know the first time they wrote their name. 

Ages 2+

 WOW! WYN™ Books are designed to introduce children ages 2 and over to acquiring the skill to write their name for the first time. This name writing system promotes the use of all skills to achieve effective learning. This system accelerates their learning by using the majority of their senses by Associated Letter Identification, Developing Pronunciation, and tracing and learning the Strokes.

What Parents are saying about WYN™ – Writing Your Name System

“Most impressive is the memento. Every time I look at the memento it reminds me of the day we shared that my daughter wrote her name for the first time. What an unbelievable day! Thanks to the WYN book.  I have ordered these books for all my friends.”

Leah, Mom and News Anchor

“My daughter Isabella just loves WYN the Writer! Since she has learned how to write her name now she always wants to learn how to write other things.   My relationship with my daughter has come even closer once she wrote her name for the first time. Thanks WYN!.  I would recommend everyone to buy this personalized book.”

Rossana, Mother

“I have more time and more energy.  Thanks to WYN the Writer my son always wants to keep practicing his name and actually gives me time to do my personal things .”

Rich, Father

“The writing your name book is very helpful book.  No longer have to throw away pages. My son carries this book everywhere.  We just re-use the book and my son practices over and over again.  He even brings it to school and shows all his friends.”

Danielle, Mother and Restaurant owner

“What a great concept!  I have been teaching for over 10 years and when this student brought in the WYN book my whole class wants one. I actually now devote 30 minutes of class schedule just to have students practice writing their name.”

Lisa, Mom and Teacher

“Thank you WYN!. We just love him. My granddaughter constantly thanks me for buying this book because she says to everyone my grandma taught me how to write my name.”

Carmela, Grandma